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1. Emergency Dentistry
2. Examination
3. Preventive Dentistry
4. Children's Dentistry
5. Orthodontics
6. Extractions & Wisdom Teeth
7. Fillings
8. Root Canal Treatments
10. Implants
11. Dentures
12. Cosmetic Dentistry
13. Sedation & Anaesthetics
14. Snoring & Sleep Apnoea
9. Crowns & Bridges

Cast Post and Cores

Root canal treatment has already been performed to sterilise the root canals of bacteria, and to seal the bacteria from future colonisation.
However, do note that a large part of the head of the tooth has been destroyed by the infection.

A cast post core is used to rebuild the head of the tooth.

After insertion of the posts, the excess portion is truncated.

Porcelain Fused to Metal Crowns

A beautiful and strong porcelain fused to metal crown is used to rebuild and replicate the outside of the tooth.

All Ceramic Crowns

Beautiful all porcelain crowns.
No thin internal metal shell whatsoever.
Many different makes and models are available, each with their individual pros and cons.

Crown Lengthening
Under certain circumstances, teeth that have broken below the gum line, can still be saved by gingival surgery and a ceramic crown, rather than by extraction.

The crown lengthening operation can also be used to make short teeth longer for a more attractive appearance.

Crown lengthening can also be used to reduce a "gummy smile".

Root Coverage
Under certain circumstances, root coverage surgery may be used to cover unsightly exposed root surfaces below existing crowns.

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