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Dentures are removable dental prosthestic appliances, used to replace missing teeth.

Immediate Dentures

These two photos show immediate dentures before and after.
The pair of full upper dentures are constructed beforehand.
Then the six lower front teeth are removed, and the dentures immediately inserted for wearing.
This technique means that the patient never walks around without teeth.

Acrylic Dentures
These are the standard dentures where the body of the denture is made from acrylic.
The acrylic must have sufficient thickness and bulk for adequate strength.
Acrylic dentures can be a full [a full set of teeth], or partial [one or several teeth only].
Partial acrylic dentures have metal components like clasps made from wire that is manually bent using a pair of pliers.

Special partial acrylic dentures with NO metal components are also available.

Cobalt-Chromium Dentures

This is a full upper cobalt-chromium denture.
Chrome dentures have the advantage of being thin, yet strong.
(Acrylic dentures must be thick to be sufficiently strong).
The thin metal baseplate is more comfortable for the patient to wear, and easier for the patient to speak.

Partial Cobalt-Chromium Dentures


This patient has traded his existing acrylic partial denture for a new, thinner, more compact partial cobalt-chromium denture.

The cobalt chromium denture has a thin base plate made from cast cobalt chromium.
Furthermore, the metal components like the rests, reciprocators and clasps are also "cast" from cobalt chromium for a custom fit - they are not manually bent using a pair of pliers.

Cast cobalt chromium dentures offer a thinner more comfortable baseplate, and more compact and stronger components with a superior fit.
This is more comfortable to wear, speak, chew, and generally longer lasting.

Overlay Dentures
Overlay dentures are dentures that ususally "only" cover the incisal edges of the lower anterior teeth.
This design is particularly good for patients who still have the six lower front teeth in a healthy state, but are affected by severe vertical wear.
For more details, please enquire within.

Over-dentures are dentures that sit atop, above, and fully covering existing natural teeth.
Existing natural teeth provide great support for dentures, compared with partial or full dentures alone.
Do ask us for more details.

Implant-Supported Dentures

These are removable dentures that are supported by several jaw bone implants.
This transmits the load directly from the denture to the jaw bone, rather than crushing the soft gums lying between the hard acrylic denture and the hard jaw bone.

Denture Cleaning, Relines and Repairs
Dentures should generally be relined at the 5 year point.
At the 10 year popint, dentures should generally be remade.

This ensures good fit, sharp teeth with efficient chewing, and the maintenance of denture vertical dimension to prevent the development of diseases like angular cheilitis.

We do have a denture cleaning, reline, and repair service. Please enquire within.

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