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Mt Ommaney Dental
Advanced Facilities, Gentle & Thorough
1. Emergency Dentistry
2. Examination
3. Preventive Dentistry
4. Children's Dentistry
5. Orthodontics
6. Extractions & Wisdom Teeth
7. Fillings
8. Root Canal Treatments
9. Crowns & Bridges
10. Implants
11. Dentures
13. Sedation & Anaesthetics
14. Snoring & Sleep Apnoea
12. Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry enhances the looks.

Cosmetic Dentistry is important because scientific studies have shown that successful people tend to be good looking.

Studies have also shown that good looking people tend to have good looking friends.


Rather than just attaching to the surface like tartar, caffeine and nicotine staining, some chemicals eg red wine, beetroot and curry, may actually penetrate deep into the surface of the teeth.
This requires whitening with peroxide.
This procedure can be completed as quickly as one hour if necessary.


Braces start.

Month 11

Braces at deband [after removal].
A beautiful finish.
Please click on our Orthodontic Section for more details.


We are an accredited Invisalign provider, for those patients who prefer straighter teeth, without the need to wear conventional braces.


These are four composite resin veneers.
Note the quality of workmanship.
In the right hands, it is amazing what we can do with composite resin.

Ceramic Crowns

Beautiful all porcelain crowns.
No thin internal metal shell whatsoever.
Many different makes and models are available, each with their individual pros and cons.

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